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new home maintenance


Caring for your new home

Maintenance on your home is no different than on your car - its a routine requirement. You may be able to do some things on your own, but others will require a professional. Maintaining your home is a year-round task that should be taken seriously to keep the systems, products, and features of your home in good shape. Simple everyday maintenance will go a long way in reducing costly repairs in the future. Also, should you decide to sell, a well-maintained home will be evident to prospective buyers, making your home much more desirable on the market. Further, your warranty depends on it. Failure to provide adequate maintenance may result in the denial of a warranty claim.

Please take the time to read theĀ Guide to the Care and Maintenance of Your New Home. This publication has been specially developed for new homes in Manitoba and will guide you to those maintenance tasks that are recommended in keeping your home in good repair. If you are looking for some quick tips, this guide has a section with a Maintenance Schedule that will provide numerous maintenance tips with easy links to the pages within the guide that will provide more detail. If you have questions, pleaseĀ contact us.