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construction performance standards

Resolving a dispute

The New Home Warranty Program, acting as a mediator, will guide the builder and homeowner through resolving a warranty claim by providing information on the terms and conditions of the warranty, applicable building codes, and industry standards. When an alleged defect may not be easily discernible as 'defective', the Program uses a guide that is based on acceptable industry standards.

The Construction Performance Standards will be used by the New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba Inc. when determining whether or not a condition is covered by the warranty. The purpose of the Standards is not to set new standards but to provide advance information as to how the Program will decide disputes between builders and homeowners about defects in work or materials. Homeowners and builders are encouraged to access this guide at anytime when discussing a potential defect.

The Standards provide objective and uniform criteria that set out the minimum performance required in the construction of new homes. They relate to work and materials deficiencies and complement the Building Code. The Standards are designed to be supplemented by any applicable guidelines or standards produced by industry associations. They do not replace manufacturer warranties.