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Delivering peace of mind with each new home warranty

The New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba is a not-for-profit warranty program that offers warranty protection on new homes constructed by its Builder Members in Manitoba.

We have over 45 years experience in understanding the intricacies of new home construction and consumer expectation. Our focus is on ensuring homes are built in accordance with industry standards and the building code, while providing education and support to both builders and homeowners. When construction does not go as expected, we are here to help.

Our mandate is ultimately to support the new home construction industry in its goal to achieve excellence. We have been doing just that since1975 through a balance of consumer protection, builder support, and mediation - leading to equitable resolution of new home concerns.

What We Offer

  • Local Service. We are 100% local and service all of Manitoba. Expect fast and friendly service!

  • Experience. We grew up in Manitoba over 45 years ago, so we have a well-developed network of industry connections and a deep understanding of the local Manitoba conditions: climate, geology, economy, construction methods/standards, municipal by-laws, and other variables that affect new home construction.

  • Qualified Builder Members. There are over 170 Builder Members in our Program who are reviewed annually by a committee of professionals to ensure the member remains capable and qualified to offer warranty. Further, when a builder joins, they agree to register all qualifying homes that they build with us. So choosing a builder member from our Program means you are protected.

  • Dedication and Focus. We have ONE goal - consumer protection. Our mission is to provide warranty protection for new home buyers and to support the building industry in its goal to achieve excellence in building standards. As a non-profit organization, we do not offer products or services for monetary gain. This, combined with a strict set of by-laws means we treat all builders equally (there are no favourites).

  • Zero Cost to the Consumer .There is no cost to submit a claim and mediation is free. We also offer Conciliation (a form of arbitration) to help resolve ongoing disputes. Read More.

  • Comprehensive Warranty Coverage. We offer a standard "1 and 5" warranty and an upgraded "1, 2, 7" warranty. Read More.

  • Deposit Protection. The Purchaser's deposit is protected - up to a value of $25,000. Read More.

Our Structure

The New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba Inc. is comprised of a Board of Directors, a Registration Committee, a Technical Committee, and staff.

Board of Directors

The heart of our organization can be found in our Board which is comprised of 10 volunteer directors: 5 elected Builder Members and 5 appointed non-builder representatives from associated industries. We have representation from the Consumers Association of Manitoba, the Canadian Bankers Association, the Association of Professional Engineers, the Insurance Association of Manitoba, and the Law Association of Manitoba. Our Board is involved in almost every mechanism which provides organization and direction to the New Home Warranty Program. The balanced representation between builders and non-builders ensures that the direction taken is equitable for both builder members and homeowners. It also allows for flexibility, a diverse knowledge base, and a progressive outlook when it comes to decision making and policy management.

Technical Committee

Our Technical Committee is responsible for reviewing and providing recommendations on claims involving a possible major structural defect. The Committee is also involved in education/training matters and management of the Program's Maintenance Manual and Construction Performance Standards. Representation is comprised of 3 builder members and an Engineer. The expertise and dedication of this Committee ensures that claims are dealt with fairly and in a timely manner.

Registration Committee

The Registration is responsible for ensuring that Builder Members continue to meet the Program’s policies, procedures, and qualifications to continue as a member in good standing. This Committee reviews the builder memberships on an annual basis, measuring such risk variables as financial strength and claims handling competency.


Our office is currently comprised of a Chief Executive Officer, Warranty Manager/Inspector and Administrative Staff. The staff are responsible for all incoming inquiries, claims review, the processing of various forms, registration and renewal of membership, and advertising.


Our History

The New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba is modeled after a home warranty plan which has been in existence in the United Kingdom since the mid 1930's. Prior to the early 1970's new home warranty did not exist at all in Canada. The federal government began taking an interest in new home consumer protection, and began researching the possibility of a regulated new home warranty regime. In 1973 the Housing and Urban Development Association of Canada (HUDAC) conducted a study of the home warranty plan in place in the United Kingdom. At the time of the study, discussions were already underway between the Housing and Urban Development Association of Canada (HUDAC), Central Mortgage & Housing Corporation, now known as Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation, and the federal government agency responsible for consumer affairs, concerning voluntary implementation of a home buyer protection scheme as an alternative to government imposed regulations on the home building industry or government mandated and operated new home buyer protection schemes....Read More