(204) 453-1155

As this pandemic continues, we understand the need to be flexible and adapt in an effort to continually provide the best possible service, while keeping our staff and customers safe. As such, our office availability may fluctuate. However, we will continue to check our email regularly, along with phone messages, and will reply promptly. We will update this page accordingly with our current status.

Office Status: Our office is open. Meetings with a staff member are restricted to 2 persons maximum who must be wearing masks and must use the hand sanitzer provided.

Courier Service: Available during office hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm., Monday to Friday.

COVID-19 requirements: A mask or face covering must be worn when in the office building and in our office. If it is necessary to be in our office, please practice social distancing.

Inspections: Required site visits to homes will continue, but at the discretion of our Warranty Manager/Inspector, Jay Kent. If you have questions, contact Jay at 204-453-1155 or via mobile at 204-781-3467 or via email

Regarding warranty claims, we ask that homeowners provide adequate photos/videos to illustrate alleged defects. This will help reduce the number of required visits to homes. If it becomes necessary to come to your home to do an inspection, Jay will be wearing a mask and gloves, and we require that you be wearing a mask as well. Please practice social distancing. If you are unable to wear a mask or are uncomfortable with us attending your home, the inspection may be done remotely via videoconferencing.

Regarding builder construction inspections, please continue to contact Jay to arrange required inspections in accordance with your Mandatory Inspection Requirement. Jay will be wearing a mask and gloves and we request that the representative being met on site be wearing a mask as well. If there will be additional persons or trades on site during the inspection, please advise Jay in advance. Social distancing must be adhered to. At Jay’s discretion, the inspection may be done remotely using videoconferencing.

Warranty Claims: Homeowners, please rest assured that the warranty on your home is not affected and we remain available to adjudicate warranty claims and answer your questions. We have had inquires about whether warranty coverage can be extended. Coverage periods will not be extended. They remain the same per section 2 of the Warranty and time limits for the submission of a warranty claim also remain the same (section 18 – 23 of the Warranty). Please note that warranty repairs may become delayed due to difficulties ordering products, limited availability of trades, and other issues related to the pandemic. We expect this, and it will not affect your warranty claim, as long as your claim has been properly submitted to our office within your coverage period and we are aware of the delays. Also, note that your builder will have their own policies concerning entering your home due to COVID-19. Please respect these policies. If you have questions or concerns about how COVID-19 is affecting your warranty claim/repairs, please contact Lori Crandell at 204-453-1155 or