Our Builder Members strive to provide you with the best possible product and service. Unfortunately, problems sometimes arise. If this happens, we will happily work toward finding an equitable solution. We understand that your home is probably the most valuable and largest investment in your life - no problem is a small problem.

Something is wrong with my home - What do I do?

The best place to start is by contacting your Builder. We find that most Builder Members are more than willing to fix any warranty problems without our involvement. Remember - building homes is their livelihood, and without satisfied customers their business suffers.
When you contact your Builder, be sure to record the date and particulars of your conversation. If you need to write to your Builder, retain a copy of the correspondance.

My problem is still not resolved - What next?

If it becomes necessary to contact us, we ask that you do so in writing. We cannot open a file and investigate your claim by a phone call alone. When you write to us, please include:

  • Your name (let us know if you are the original or subsequent owners)
  • Full address of your home
  • Phone number (home and work if possible)
  • Date you took possession
  • Builder of your home
  • Enrollment #, if available (located on the top right corner of your Possession Certificate)
  • Numbered list of the items you wish to claim as deficient

Please provide us with as much detailed information as possible on the problem. If you suspect the problem to be a 'major structural defect' of the load bearing portion of your home (as outlined in your Warranty Certificate), we require that you have your home inspected by a qualified Engineer. Keep in mind that we must receive any structural claims no later than five years past your date of possession. And to be eligible for warranty coverage for a defect in materials or workmanship, we must receive your claim no later than one year following your date of possession.

Feel free to include photos or a video. Also include copies of any correspondence sent to or received from your Builder and any other parties involved. If you've had your home investigated by an Engineer or another outside source, provide us with a copy of the report or information on how to contact that person. You may submit your claim via mail, fax, or e-mail. Click here for our contact information.

I've sent my claim - How long before the problem is fixed?

Once received, we will review your claim. If we have any questions we will contact you immediately. Otherwise, we will send a letter to your Builder requesting his or her position on the mater. You will receive a copy of this letter in the mail. You can expect a phone call from us approximately 10 to 14 days after. At this point we should know the Builder's position and have made a decision on how to proceed further.

If the Builder is willing to fix the problem without further investigation, we will inform you of this and ask the Builder to contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to begin repairs. We will remain in contact with you and the Builder until all repairs are completed satisfactorily.

Major Structural Defects

Should the Builder be unwilling to fix the problem and we have determined it to be a 'major structural defect' (as determined by the Engineers' report that you have provided us) we will give your claim to our Technical Committee to investigate further. We will notify you in writing the direction your claim has taken and provide you with an estimated time when a decision will be made. Once a decision is reached by the Technical Committee, it is then ratified by the Board of Directors. This decision shall be final and binding on the Builder and the homeowner.

Since our Technical Committee meets only once per month, a claim involving a major structural defect may take up to 45 days to resolve. Of course we will expedite the process as much as possible. Please keep in mind that these claims are reviewed by an unbiased Committee and receive the utmost professional care and attention.

Defects in Materials and Workmanship Under the 1st Year of Warranty

Should the Builder refuse to fix any problems the Program has identified to be covered under your one-year warranty, the Program shall undertake any necessary repairs.


In the event of a dispute over warranty coverage on 1-year items, the homeowner or Builder may submit to the Program a written request for conciliation. This request must be received by the Program no later than sixty days following the first anniversary of the date of possession. However, conciliation may be requested past this time period if a claim was previously submitted within 1 year of the possession. A conciliator will then be appointed by the Program. Within thirty days of the completion of the inspection process by the conciliator, the Program will provide the homeowner and the Builder with a written decision as to the rights and obligations of the Builder or the homeowner. The decision of the conciliator will set out the remedial work, if any, required to settle the dispute in accordance with the terms of the warranty. This decision is final and binding on the Builder, the Program, and the homeowner.

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